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Inquire Within: A Guide to Living in Spirit by James K. Papp:

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“So often we’re searching for what will make us happy. We’re feeling discontented and we don’t know why. With Inquire Within, James K. Papp shows you how to reconnect with the spiritual side of your existence as a source of true happiness. Spirit is the only constant in our lives, he says, and therefore the most reliable source of happiness. After reading the book, I felt a greater sense of peace. One of my favorite chapters in the book is where James describes easy ways we can become more connected to nature. The book has inspired me to break away from my computer more often to take a hike or simply walk in my yard and enjoy the company of the trees and the flowers. If you’re seeking true happiness and haven’t been able to find it in your life, your search is over because Inquire Within will show you exactly what you need to do to live a more peaceful and happier existence.”
– Kimberly Pryor
Author of The Indestructible Relationship


You already have within you all you need to enjoy a peaceful, satisfying life. James K. Papp supplies structure for bringing it forth.


1. Why Spirit Matters
2. The Altar – Creating Sacred Space
3. Offerings – The Way of Reciprocity
4. Gratitude – Being Thankful
5. Prayer – Speaking with Spirit
6. Meditation – Communing with Spirit
7. Solitude – Being With Nature
8. Fasting – A Higher Perception
9. Kindness – The Gentle Path of Joy
10. Artists of Life – Creating Inspiration
11. Ancient Wisdom – Tapping Deep Roots
12. Ceremony – Bringing it all Together
13. Living in Spirit
Appendix One: Moon, Solstice & Equinox Data
Appendix Two: Resources for Living in Spirit – Books, Websites, DVDs and other resources for more in-depth study.

A portion of all book sales is donated to the Maya people who have taught me so much and inspired me on my path. Projects supported include the Maya Children’s School run by Elder Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac in Momostenango, Guatemala and the Cosmic Mysteries School coordinated by Elder Hunbatz Men in the Yucatan. Also, copies of Inquire Within are sent free to prisoners throughout the U.S. via the Seattle-based non-profit organization Books to Prisoners.