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At the Border of the Unknown

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

California Sierras -  Piute Pass 20aug12

A feeling I know

A feeling I have had before,

Arriving at the border

Of the unknown,

Where the air is charged

And the sun casts

Black shadows,

Where the sky surrounds

And the earth curves away.

It is a moment

And it is timeless,

A pause pregnant

With every possibility.

It is the gate

Of life and death,

A place where

Reunion with the eternal

Part of oneself awaits.

A shiver ripples

Up my spine and I know

I must step forward

Through the door.

A deep breath. . .

And I step forward

On the path.

The World Is All Love

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Rose Quartz in Grass-5870The world is all Love. It’s here, without asking to be recognized, taken care of, classified, divided, or polluted. It simply is as it is, with no ulterior motives. The world is unconditional – and that which is unconditional is Love.

Love Story Of Our Times

Saturday, July 12th, 2014


Up, up, up the winding mountain road to enter the gates to sacred space and swallows flitting across the charged azure blue sky. She meditates on a grassy terrace.  He does Tai Chi.  She does Qigong.  He writes of how Spirit brought them together, even years before their wedding, and how Spirit has kept them together and brought them to this amazing panoramic power spot – marking their commitment to each other and to Spirit.

Quietly together they wander through this stepped city of ancient stone, wings flying high over the deep verdant valleys below. Stairs are climbed. Portals are passed through and a grassy place to sit upon is found, out of the flow of the masses that courses through the main paths. A retreat in the midst of Machu Picchu is gladly accepted by her, in her pink, and him, in his gray.

She colors the scene with her pencils and he writes. They reveal their sacred stones that accompany them on this pilgrimage, some to be left as offerings. She brought rose quartz angels. He brought a star rose quartz. Nothing needs to be spoken between hearts that speak without words. She shows him her rose quartz sphere and their stones touch in a moment of communion.


Sacred space is opened and they sit with their mesa stones on high, overlooking a plaza of green, framed by gray rock that has a story to tell. She and he are in “their” spot, a spot that was waiting patiently for them, where their souls and the soul of this place touch, where the work and the travel and the daily tasks of living have fallen away. She and he and their stones and this place are their world.

She rolls the rose quartz sphere far into a crack at the base of the ancient wall they sit next to. He sends his rose quartz in after hers where, together, they will continue the communion of this great life, like the soul mates who left them there.

(Written 22 June 2014 at Machu Picchu, Peru, on the 30th wedding anniversary of Lisa Evonne and James Kenneth Papp. Photo of the happy couple by Eugenio Ferrero, other photos by JP.)


We are part of Nature…and Nature is part of us

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Tree Communion - Maple Pass - color-When walking in the forest, I am enchanted by the trees and feel a kinship with them not unlike the kinship I feel with fellow human beings.  I may come across a particularly wonderful tree and say “Hello old friend, it is so good to see you.  Look at you, look at you!  You are beautiful!”  Talking to the trees, talking to the birds and the natural world around us, deeply enhances our ability to experience our connectivity with our world.

Some may think it strange to talk with a tree, but let me assure you it is a reasonable as well as a productive, thing to do.  Our indigenous ancestors all communicated with the natural world and heard echoes back from it in the form of insights, knowledge, and wisdom.  Our ancestors knew they were part of Nature and that Nature was part of them.  It never occurred to them it would be strange for a plant to advise them how to heal their sick brother or sister.

Here is a simple way to talk to Nature which I enjoy.  Go for a walk in the park or just down the street from where you live.  As you begin moving along on your way, greet the natural world around you.  “Hello trees, hello bushes, hello ferns, hello sky, hello clouds, hello birds” and so on, acknowledging all that are there.  “Hello dragonflies, hello stones, hello houses.”  It is a wonderful thing.

Saying hello to the world around you makes you feel like we are all family and goes beyond your habitual way of interacting with the world.  In this way of being, we are all part of each others’ lives in a more conscious manner.  Connecting with Nature helps to wake up the part of us that is aware deep inside, that knows in our bones we are part of the same community – that we are one.  At a deep level beyond even the physical, we are living in a world of interdependency.

So don’t be shy.  Don’t think to yourself “What am I dong?  I must be off my rocker, I’m talking to a tree!”  Allow yourself the opportunity to try this experience and work with it over time.  With grace you will feel the medicine and see the wisdom of this path.  You will see it in the way you feel about yourself and the world around you.  It will bring forth that playful, innocent part of you that may have been hiding quietly within during the years since childhood.

The feeling of harmony and joy received from being outdoors comes back home and affects our lives in a wonderfully healthy way.  Repeated visits in nature increase this affect over time and improve the way we feel in our home life, in our social life, and even in our work life…


All Is Right

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Blessed sunrise on sacred mountain warms the soul with gladness

Light the candle and lay out stones at lakeside in honor of communion

This place an altar of earth and sun and spirit

Brings the heart into its temple

And all is right


(photo by James K. Papp at Garnet Lake in the California High Sierras)

The Trees Who Talked – poem by Jim Papp

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

The Healing Tree (El Lechero) - Otavalo, Ecuador










We speak to you now
As ones, who like you,
Are much younger than
The Mountains

Sustained by the same Water
And the same Sun
And both blessed to be
In this place of wonder,
We have been asked to tell you
To share and celebrate
This Garden with your kind

The Bear brings you power,
The Deer, protection
We, the Trees, standing silently
In witness, give you trust

The Water comes and goes
The Animals are busy
On their own paths
The Mountains, well,
They have other things to do,
Communing with the very forces
That created the face
Of this Earth

We speak to you now as ones
Whose lives come and go,
Much like yours.
You, however, are affecting
How this Garden grows
And that is why we seek
Your attention


copyleft 1998 Jim Papp, Bellingham, Washington 98226 USA <<“copyleft” means that we allow re-posting or re-printing of this poem, in its entirety, with credit to Jim Papp and a link back to this site. When you do re-post or re-print this poem, please include a link back to  Thank you!

A Wide and Open Place

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Even before arriving at this wide and open place of ever-so-gently bubbling power, I felt its call arrive, serene across the sky and fields, guided by the golden hills, echoing in waves within me.

Stepping off the bus I gasped to see a mound of perfectly proportioned grace, conical and curved and causing my gaze to glue upon it, and somehow I managed to set my suitcase down in the quiet dirt so I could stare unhindered.

Taken I was by some kind of mesmerizing magic, magic that was waking up magic inside of me, magic that was flipping switches like a line of dominoes culminating in a flood of forgotten mystery.

Recognition and reunion swirled around in a slow motion radial dance just outside the field of vision, but the shadows of mystery whispered just loud enough for me to know they were there.

When was I here?  Was it just the hypnotizing vision in the picture book two hundred Moons ago, or is there more to this cresting wave of familiar, even familial curiosity?

I came to see the largest stone circle in the world and found destiny asking me if I wanted to dance again like I did in the long summer of a century lost.  Holding palms upward to the silent sky, the gift is accepted and the sun lays down behind the far hill to rest.

© 2011 James K. Papp, Avebury, Wiltshire, England

What a Difference 90 Degrees Makes!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

What a difference ninety degrees makes, and I’m not talking about temperature. Laying on my back, it’s blue sky instead of buildings, clouds instead of city, treetops instead of passing people.  I don’t need to see the grass under my grateful back to luxuriate in its gentle, gracious, gliding green.

The cadence of the urban generator comes softly across the water into waiting ears, massaging with a sonority less exotic when standing.  Closing eyes against the curious sun, I lie, under the radar, out of sight from how I see myself in the world.

Ninety degrees – call it respite, retreat, vacation, an evacuation, a blessed accomodation.  Under a tree, shading slopy lawn, time dissolves back into the mysterious unknown, and I don’t mind at all.

© 2011 James K. Papp  (Stanley Park, Vancouver, on Canada Day)

Blessed is the Seeker of the Early Light

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Blessed is the Seeker of the Early Light.  Who knows what precious colors may be rendered by sun and sky and cloud and earth, and the one who is up to observe it?  Delicate hues and bold blushes intermingle in a slow motion dance, casting its subtle glow on the mountainsides above.

The early light that heralds the coming sun so gently pulses, and this majestic emanation causes the jaw to drop and an “Ah” to utter.  The outer beauty of the world and the inner beauty of the soul are harmonized – majesty within and without.

Of the early light and the one who has risen from bed, who can say which is the greeter and which is the greeted?  All are merged, for they were never apart.

© 2011 James K. Papp

The Power of Place

Sunday, February 27th, 2011
Sedona Sunset

Temple of the Light

Are there certain Earthly places you are drawn to?  Maybe it’s a place you have visited many times which continues to amaze and inspire and enchant you.  Maybe it’s a place where you feel “right” when you are there, in harmony with the world.  Maybe it’s a place you have not yet visited in this lifetime which calls to you in your imagination, in your dreams.

Dear ones, we are made of energy and that energy is profoundly affected by the energy of the places in our phenomenal world.  So when we connect with  the energy of a  place – whether by its physical proximity or by the boundless travels of our dreams, a relationship is made which supports and empowers us.  (We may even connect with places via our presence there in previous lives.)  This is rock medicine, tree medicine, sky medicine, water medicine – the medicine of our Mother, the Earth.

A place special to Lisa and me is the sublime red rock country of Sedona, Arizona.  We keep going back, simply to BE there.   Yesterday the clouds hid the Sun all day but just before dark they parted and His beams illuminated brilliantly the spectacular stone temples of this magical place.  What a blessing to be with such glory!!

Wherever the places of power are that call to you, Go to them.  Whether you travel by foot or car or plane or train, or whether you travel by book or dream or wild imagination, Go to them.  They await you with their serenity, their beauty, and their healing presence.  These are sacred spaces and they are there for you, in whatever way you seek them.  May the Blessings BE with you always.