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Why are we here?

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Deer and Tree at Sunrise-v.1








We did not come here
to this planet of deep mystery
to fix what we think is wrong

We did not come here to suffer
though surely we can do so

We came here to look at the stars
and remember where we came from

We came here to look into each other’s eyes
and see ourselves

We came here to thank the flowers
for showing us that we are blossoms, too

We came here to Love

Drama grows like weeds
in a world of duality
so we root ourselves in oneness. . .
which is acknowledging
who we really are

Love is always On Time

At the Border of the Unknown

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

California Sierras -  Piute Pass 20aug12

A feeling I know

A feeling I have had before,

Arriving at the border

Of the unknown,

Where the air is charged

And the sun casts

Black shadows,

Where the sky surrounds

And the earth curves away.

It is a moment

And it is timeless,

A pause pregnant

With every possibility.

It is the gate

Of life and death,

A place where

Reunion with the eternal

Part of oneself awaits.

A shiver ripples

Up my spine and I know

I must step forward

Through the door.

A deep breath. . .

And I step forward

On the path.

The World Is All Love

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Rose Quartz in Grass-5870The world is all Love. It’s here, without asking to be recognized, taken care of, classified, divided, or polluted. It simply is as it is, with no ulterior motives. The world is unconditional – and that which is unconditional is Love.

All Is Right

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Blessed sunrise on sacred mountain warms the soul with gladness

Light the candle and lay out stones at lakeside in honor of communion

This place an altar of earth and sun and spirit

Brings the heart into its temple

And all is right


(photo by James K. Papp at Garnet Lake in the California High Sierras)

The Trees Who Talked – poem by Jim Papp

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

The Healing Tree (El Lechero) - Otavalo, Ecuador










We speak to you now
As ones, who like you,
Are much younger than
The Mountains

Sustained by the same Water
And the same Sun
And both blessed to be
In this place of wonder,
We have been asked to tell you
To share and celebrate
This Garden with your kind

The Bear brings you power,
The Deer, protection
We, the Trees, standing silently
In witness, give you trust

The Water comes and goes
The Animals are busy
On their own paths
The Mountains, well,
They have other things to do,
Communing with the very forces
That created the face
Of this Earth

We speak to you now as ones
Whose lives come and go,
Much like yours.
You, however, are affecting
How this Garden grows
And that is why we seek
Your attention


copyleft 1998 Jim Papp, Bellingham, Washington 98226 USA <<“copyleft” means that we allow re-posting or re-printing of this poem, in its entirety, with credit to Jim Papp and a link back to this site. When you do re-post or re-print this poem, please include a link back to  Thank you!

This is Peace

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

I am not happy

and I am not sad.

On the road I am watching

and seeing.

Things come and they go

and while they are here

they tremble

like heat haze on the highway.

The young green leaves

I once called beautiful

are changing.

The canyon river seems

to wash away my memories.

I once avoided the desert

and now I am here.

Upon reaching the snowline

on the ridge,

the clouds they told me

to turn around.

So I am moving,

discovering each moment

with no wonder of what will come.

No thing is more important

than any other.

This is Peace.

The Great Journey

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

The great journey

is there for all of us.

Waiting in the shade

under a tree

by the bend in the road,

it calls on us

to journey higher,

to the trail that points

into the very Heart of Heaven.