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Blessings on the Equinox

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Altar of Perfect Balance - Autumnal EquinoxAt September Equinox we held a ceremony at home with friends to honor this special time and to use its special power for prayer, for ourselves and for the planet.

Each of us laid out two similar personal power objects on the indoor altar which we named “The Altar of Perfect Balance.”  With a beautiful symmetry, the colorful altar radiated warmth and energy.  Our intention was re-balance, re-calibration, re-harmonization, re-juvenation – the re-attaining of a state that is our natural birthright as cosmic beings.

Between two burning candles a round china saucer was filled with water  and then each of us selected a small floating candle, into which we placed our personal prayer for whatever we are harvesting at this time.  It could be a physical project, an emotional state, a relationship, a new way of being, or something else.  In turn each of us lit our candle and placed it into the ocean of life where they floated together in community.  Our prayers were sent on their voyage with great gratitude.  We appreciated the balancing of fire and water energies.

Altar of the Earth - Autumnal EquinoxOn the outdoor altar, which we named “The Altar of the Earth,” we each placed two flowers with a prayer for our dear Mother Earth.  She bears us, sustains us, and ultimately receives our bodies, unconditionally, which is certainly a definition of unconditional love.  We prayed for her well-being and for her balance, including a balance of elements at a time where fire energy is predominant in some places with forest fires and rising global temperatures.

We declared “All at this very moment is in balance.”

Blessings of Balance and Harmony to You ~

Jim and Lisa

Love Story Of Our Times

Saturday, July 12th, 2014


Up, up, up the winding mountain road to enter the gates to sacred space and swallows flitting across the charged azure blue sky. She meditates on a grassy terrace.  He does Tai Chi.  She does Qigong.  He writes of how Spirit brought them together, even years before their wedding, and how Spirit has kept them together and brought them to this amazing panoramic power spot – marking their commitment to each other and to Spirit.

Quietly together they wander through this stepped city of ancient stone, wings flying high over the deep verdant valleys below. Stairs are climbed. Portals are passed through and a grassy place to sit upon is found, out of the flow of the masses that courses through the main paths. A retreat in the midst of Machu Picchu is gladly accepted by her, in her pink, and him, in his gray.

She colors the scene with her pencils and he writes. They reveal their sacred stones that accompany them on this pilgrimage, some to be left as offerings. She brought rose quartz angels. He brought a star rose quartz. Nothing needs to be spoken between hearts that speak without words. She shows him her rose quartz sphere and their stones touch in a moment of communion.


Sacred space is opened and they sit with their mesa stones on high, overlooking a plaza of green, framed by gray rock that has a story to tell. She and he are in “their” spot, a spot that was waiting patiently for them, where their souls and the soul of this place touch, where the work and the travel and the daily tasks of living have fallen away. She and he and their stones and this place are their world.

She rolls the rose quartz sphere far into a crack at the base of the ancient wall they sit next to. He sends his rose quartz in after hers where, together, they will continue the communion of this great life, like the soul mates who left them there.

(Written 22 June 2014 at Machu Picchu, Peru, on the 30th wedding anniversary of Lisa Evonne and James Kenneth Papp. Photo of the happy couple by Eugenio Ferrero, other photos by JP.)


All Is Right

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Blessed sunrise on sacred mountain warms the soul with gladness

Light the candle and lay out stones at lakeside in honor of communion

This place an altar of earth and sun and spirit

Brings the heart into its temple

And all is right


(photo by James K. Papp at Garnet Lake in the California High Sierras)

A Wide and Open Place

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Even before arriving at this wide and open place of ever-so-gently bubbling power, I felt its call arrive, serene across the sky and fields, guided by the golden hills, echoing in waves within me.

Stepping off the bus I gasped to see a mound of perfectly proportioned grace, conical and curved and causing my gaze to glue upon it, and somehow I managed to set my suitcase down in the quiet dirt so I could stare unhindered.

Taken I was by some kind of mesmerizing magic, magic that was waking up magic inside of me, magic that was flipping switches like a line of dominoes culminating in a flood of forgotten mystery.

Recognition and reunion swirled around in a slow motion radial dance just outside the field of vision, but the shadows of mystery whispered just loud enough for me to know they were there.

When was I here?  Was it just the hypnotizing vision in the picture book two hundred Moons ago, or is there more to this cresting wave of familiar, even familial curiosity?

I came to see the largest stone circle in the world and found destiny asking me if I wanted to dance again like I did in the long summer of a century lost.  Holding palms upward to the silent sky, the gift is accepted and the sun lays down behind the far hill to rest.

© 2011 James K. Papp, Avebury, Wiltshire, England

The Power of Place

Sunday, February 27th, 2011
Sedona Sunset

Temple of the Light

Are there certain Earthly places you are drawn to?  Maybe it’s a place you have visited many times which continues to amaze and inspire and enchant you.  Maybe it’s a place where you feel “right” when you are there, in harmony with the world.  Maybe it’s a place you have not yet visited in this lifetime which calls to you in your imagination, in your dreams.

Dear ones, we are made of energy and that energy is profoundly affected by the energy of the places in our phenomenal world.  So when we connect with  the energy of a  place – whether by its physical proximity or by the boundless travels of our dreams, a relationship is made which supports and empowers us.  (We may even connect with places via our presence there in previous lives.)  This is rock medicine, tree medicine, sky medicine, water medicine – the medicine of our Mother, the Earth.

A place special to Lisa and me is the sublime red rock country of Sedona, Arizona.  We keep going back, simply to BE there.   Yesterday the clouds hid the Sun all day but just before dark they parted and His beams illuminated brilliantly the spectacular stone temples of this magical place.  What a blessing to be with such glory!!

Wherever the places of power are that call to you, Go to them.  Whether you travel by foot or car or plane or train, or whether you travel by book or dream or wild imagination, Go to them.  They await you with their serenity, their beauty, and their healing presence.  These are sacred spaces and they are there for you, in whatever way you seek them.  May the Blessings BE with you always.

These Silent Temples Are Not So Silent

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Altar at the Group of the Cross, Palenque, Mexico

Take me to where the stones speak.  Take me to the silent place within where I can hear.  Take me to where the trees hold me in their arms and the rain dances on my mind.  Take me to where brothers and sisters remember who they really are.  Take me to the place where the path is clear and the way is filled with mystery.  Take me to my home.

The travel altar – it works!

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

I travel a lot which takes me away from home, where each day I enjoy a morning routine of prayer and meditation in front of my altar.  So I made this portable altar by painting a wood cigar box and filling it with items (carried in small fabric bags) to create sacred space wherever I go.  The travel altar helps me set the tone for my day by serving as a powerful organizing force and a reminder for me to take the time necessary for prayer, meditation, qigong, or simply sitting quietly in peace.  The travel altar – it works!