Inspired by 15 years
learning from the Maya, this guide book of
practical spirituality
can help you live
a fearless life!

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Are you at a “crossroads” in life or seeking encouragement and gentle reminders or guidance on your journey?  Inquire Within offers a helping hand and author Jim Papp reaches out in kindness…

“With great insight, Jim Papp has created a kind of “spiritual potpourri” by carefully gleaning the essence of the world’s tried and true spiritual practices.  Inquire Within takes us right to the heart of the most important work there ever was, that of awakening.  Peace, joy, compassion, and purpose are not far off.  Just open the book to any page and you are likely to find just what you were looking for, presented in a way that’s easy to understand and implement into daily life.  Let Jim Papp take you by the hand and gently lead you down the path to harmony.”

-BARRY DENNIS, Founder of Coexist Celebration and Celebration Church, author of The Chotchky Challenge; Clearing the Clutter from your Home, Heart and Mind and Discovering the True Treasure of your Soul


SOMETIMES WE FIND OURSELVES AT A CROSSROADS IN LIFE... where we’re not sure what to do or which way to go.  Maybe it’s due to divorce, job loss, death of a loved one, addiction, or some other trauma, or maybe it’s a general sense of unhappiness.  Or perhaps we’re already on our journey seeking more energy, focus, and inspiration.  Open this empowering guide and inquire within for helpful tools to continue on your path with a renewed spirit.

Mayan Temples, Palenque, Yucatan, Mexico

Mayan Temples, Palenque, Yucatan, Mexico

“To be Mayan is not the color of your skin. To be Mayan is your consciousness.”
~Elder Hunbatz Men, Mayan daykeeper, shaman, ceremonial leader


Praise for the Inquire Within book –


“Inquire Within is a recipe for a joyful, vibrant life. James brings light and understanding to the deepest aspects of spirit and connection, so that we can meet the world with confidence, no matter how difficult our road has been. This book has made me a better person.”
― Tamara Gerlach, Author of Cultivating Radiance: 5 Essential Elements for Holistic Self 


“Jim’s book couldn’t have come at a better time. I was at such a low point, recovering from the challenges of alcohol abuse and in a correctional facility. I was grateful to be reminded where I come from and what I believe. Thanks again and Namasté.”
― John P.


“This is an excellent guide for the beginner, as well as taking the more practiced to a deeper level.  It’s very readable and easy to understand. Mr. Papp’s photos and poetry enliven the book.  The gentle earth-centered spirituality of the author shines through every page.  He emphasizes that part of spiritual practice is service to others in the web of life.  We are all connected.  I highly recommend it.”
― Rev. Donata Ahern, Author of The Medicine Wheel: Path of the Heart,


“Janet and I truly enjoyed your book, extremely well written, and it came into our realm of consciousness right about the point it needed to.  We both have struggled with defining religion and spirituality for ourselves.  We have tried several organized religions, read many books and felt like we were just not hearing the right messages that would resonate with us.  I could go on and on, but just wanted to let you know that we thank you for the book and its messages.”
― Hal and Janet V.


“Your book carries a sense of calm, deep and joyful spirituality. I think it will be very beneficial to many readers.”
― Curt Remington, Author of Simple Meditation:  A Spiritual Connection for Transforming Your


“Thank you so much for your book. I am enjoying reading it and have begun to meditate again due to your positive influence.”
― Laurie M.


“May this extraordinary book joyfully inspire, awaken, and support you with resounding grace and beauty on your spiritual journey.”
― Diana I. Falconi, Falcon Medicine Woman,


KINDNESS MATTERS! Be Kind to Yourself ~ Be Kind to Others ~ Be Kind to the Earth.  Click below to watch “The Importance of Kindness” by James K. Papp – July 2011